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Bumrungrad International Hospital

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Clínica Santa Clarita Sc

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Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Al Hassa

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European Interbalkan Medical Center

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St. Catherine Specialty Hospital

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Vejthani Hospital

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Mercy Hospital Springfield

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Are you a Patient?

GHA enhances the patient experience across the Medical Travel Care Continuum, optimizing all touch points both in and outside the clinical setting.

Are you a Provider?

GHA focuses specifically on the patient experience and operational excellence, a business strategy that will impact organizations across all services provided.

Are you a Buyer?

GHA will also connect buyers to a rapidly growing network of GHA Accredited healthcare providers,validating quality and value, while helping to mitigate risk.

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About Global Healthcare Accreditation

Even a top international hospital like Bumrungrad had much to learn from GHA. We were a great hospital. We are even better now.

Dr. Erik Fleischman International

Medical Director Bumrungrad International Hospital

We chose GHA as it reviews those sustainable business processes and practices related to medical travel that have helped us identify areas of opportunity to enhance the patient experience and improve operational performance.

Dr. Nizar zein

Chairman Global Patient Services Cleveland Clinic

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program, established in 2016, is an independent accrediting body that seeks to improve the patient experience and excellence of care received by patients who travel for their medical care and treatment, whether within their own country or internationally. GHA’s goal is to share professional norms for medical travel and establish, through consensus, the expectations for organizations serving medical travel patients. Through its core competencies, categorized by Patient-Focused Clinical Processes, The Patient Experience, and Sustainable Business Processes, GHA Standards facilitate optimal management of the overall experience for a Medical Traveler. GHA seeks input from many stakeholders in the development of its standards, and conducts a formal field review every three years.

GHA Standards

Learn about the GHA Standards through our available GHA Standards Brief.

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