Applying for GHA Accreditation

GHA Accreditation provides external validation that your organization has implemented best practices and rigourous processes to ensure a safe and high-quality patient experience for medical travelers and international patients. 

To request GHA Accreditation:

• Schedule and complete a phone interview by phone (001-561-228-4014) or email: [email protected]

• Complete the Online GHA Application.

Once the application is reviewed, a proposal will be provided that includes details and costs of all the proposed services. Upon agreement of the proposal, the GHA Standards Manual and related materials will be provided to the organization for review and use in the preparation phase prior to an GHA On-site Survey Visit.

As part of the agreed proposal for Accreditation, the organization and GHA would have identified three options for a possible accreditation survey visit. In order to ensure an efficient site visit, a specific date or range of dates for the accreditation survey visit will need to be confirmed within 120 days (4 months) of an approved and agreed upon proposal. The organization should ensure that the GHA Standards Manual and related materials have been thoroughly reviewed, that all standards are implemented and measurable elements are compliant prior to scheduling the on-site survey (accreditation site visit).

Learn about the GHA Standards through our available GHA Standards Brief download here.


GHA welcomes feedback on our standards. We provide regular resources to clearly identify and explain the core competencies which we uphold.
To contact GHA regarding specific standards, the accreditation process, or inquiries about specific GHA facilities, please email us at [email protected].