GHA Leadership Off To Asia

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Medical travel asia

Karen Timmons, CEO of Global Healthcare Accreditation and Dr. Paul Van Ostenberg, Chairman of the Standards Committee departed June 13th for a 10 day whirlwind business tour of several APAC countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. During the trip, they will be meeting with top hospitals in the region as well as government leaders to introduce the GHA program focused … Read More

Bill Cook Speaking at Upcoming Baja’s Health & Wellness Forum, July 26-28

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Director of Business Development and Surveyor Bill Cook will be heading to Baja California in Mexico July 26-28 to participate as a speaker and panelist in an event that seeks to promote the health and wellness offering of this scenic region. Baja’s Health & Wellness Forum will bring together top healthcare and hospitality organizations interested in improving the quality of … Read More

GHA Surveyor Joseph Williamson presents at conference in Barcelona, Spain

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We are pleased to announce that on May 17th, GHA Surveyor Joseph Williamson participated as a speaker at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Private Health Conference in Barcelona, Spain. This conference focused on the challenges and opportunities that health systems face in the move toward providing quality and affordable healthcare for all. Congratulations to Joseph on his participation!

GHA Surveyor Carol Gilmore presents at conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Carol Gilmore GHA

On June 13th GHA Surveyor Carol Gilmore participated as a featured speaker 2nd International Medical Tourism Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, organized by Argentina’s Ministry of Tourism. Carol spoke on “Accreditation in Medical Travel,” and received much positive feedback from attendees. Congratulations to Carol on her participation!

The Secret to Managing Patient Expectations in Medical Travel

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Managing Patient Expectations in Medical Travel

Picture yourself arriving at the Four Seasons Resort in Maui. The sun is dipping beneath a flaming horizon as you hand the valet your car keys and step into plush hotel lobby framed by a majestic turquoise sea. As you stroll across a terracotta tile floor towards the reception area you can’t help but feel invigorated by the sights, scents, … Read More

5 Resources for Improving the Patient Experience for Medical Travelers

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Patients face unique challenges when seeking care in a different country or region. There may be fear of the unknown, long flights, cultural and language barriers, and being away from friends and family – all while preparing for a major surgery or treatment. Healthcare providers treating medical travelers have the difficult yet rewarding responsibility of ensuring a positive patient experience … Read More

Global Healthcare Accreditation Announces Inaugural Advisory Board

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Global Healthcare Accreditation Advisory board

The Global Health Accreditation® (GHA) Program, the first independent accrediting body focused on medical travel services and the medical travel patient experience, today announces an inaugural advisory board that will help guide the organization as it seeks to improve the patient experience and excellence of care received by patients who travel for their medical care and treatment, whether within their … Read More

Don’t Let Money Ruin A Great Medical Travel Experience

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For patients, the process of paying for healthcare services is often a stressful one. Will my insurance cover X treatment? What is the deductible and co-pay? Why do costs vary so much from one provider to the other for the same treatment? These same issues are compounded in medical travel due to the increased risk of miscommunication, misrepresentation or lack … Read More

How Do You Define Quality in Medical Travel?

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Imagine for a moment that you woke up this morning with a very sore throat. You decide to take some zinc lozenges and head to work. However, by early evening you are feeling worse so you go to your local clinic to see a physician.  An hour later you are being examined by a doctor as you describe your symptoms.  … Read More

The Importance of Empathy in Medical Travel

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Increasingly, healthcare providers are operating in a multicultural environment characterized by interactions with patients who hold different values, world-views and perhaps even differing perspectives and practices regarding their health and wellness. This reality across providers can lead to challenges in providing culturally competent and respectful care. Take the case of Latin American, Asian or Middle Eastern patients traveling to the … Read More