How Do You Define Quality in Medical Travel?

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Imagine for a moment that you woke up this morning with a very sore throat. You decide to take some zinc lozenges and head to work. However, by early evening you are feeling worse so you go to your local clinic to see a physician.  An hour later you are being examined by a doctor as you describe your symptoms.  … Read More

The Importance of Empathy in Medical Travel

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Increasingly, healthcare providers are operating in a multicultural environment characterized by interactions with patients who hold different values, world-views and perhaps even differing perspectives and practices regarding their health and wellness. This reality across providers can lead to challenges in providing culturally competent and respectful care. Take the case of Latin American, Asian or Middle Eastern patients traveling to the … Read More

Best Practices for Managing Travel in Medical Travel

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Managing travel in medical travel

One aspect that separates the medical travel industry from other forms of healthcare delivery is the travel component. Medical travel patients very frequently have to fly long distances to reach the destination and do so when they may have compromised health conditions. Medical travelers also may have chosen a destination based partially on what the area provides in terms of … Read More

The Quiet Leader in Medical Travel

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Nusing in medical travel

Through the journey of a patient across the medical travel care continuum, one specific role is often a constant. Around the world, the profession of nursing has maintained a long and integral role in the delivery of care. The modern understanding of the profession encounters greater relevance now more than ever. To put it simply – without nursing, the realities … Read More

4 Ways to Measure Medical Travel Success

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When asked, “How is your Global Patient Services Program”? – What do you say? Do you know what to say…confidently? If you are like most, starting a program or navigating the waters of the current medical travel industry, one is inclined to follow the trends or target markets without firm data to justify your decisions. Often, as you can expect, … Read More

Global Healthcare Accreditation Continues International Expansion with HCEG Partnership

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  Palm Beach Gardens, FL, April 13, 2017 –(– The Global Health Accreditation® (GHA) Program, the first independent accrediting body focused on medical travel services and the medical travel patient experience, announced a partnership today with the Healthcare Expert Group of Thailand (HCEG). “GHA is excited to be working with HCEG,” stated Karen Timmons, CEO of Global Healthcare Accreditation, “which … Read More

Mercy Hospital Springfield Achieves Accreditation

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Mercy Hospital Springfield, part of the fifth largest Catholic health system in the nation, has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation from the Global Healthcare Accreditation Program for its Medical Destination Program. The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program is a healthcare accreditation program designed for healthcare organizations seeking to elevate the quality, patient experience and excellence of care they … Read More

The Great Equalizer – Virtual Medicine

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How can Virtual Medicine be an equalizer? Organizations around the world position their brand and services based upon the ability to see Doctor X or Doctor Y (when a need arises). Many healthcare organizations spent years recruiting, maintain and molding clinicians and staff to ensure the institution charters a course in medical innovation, research and high quality outcomes. As the … Read More

Did You Hear the Clarion Call for Medical Travel Accreditation?

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Healthcare organizations face unique and dynamic challenges on a daily basis. Organizations attracting traveling patients generally understand the importance of mapping out the path for medical travel patients, yet may miss the mark in including and executing all of the necessary moving components. Organizations just starting to formalize a business plan for this process may find themselves, at best, in … Read More

Do You Know the Medical Travel Care Continuum?

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As healthcare consumers become more savvy and informed about more affordable and/or accessible care, both within their home country and abroad, they will be more likely to seek a destination aligned with their preferences. Healthcare executives must pay attention to this trend or risk the potential of losing patient volumes. How big has Medical Travel become? It’s hard to say … Read More