Selecting the Right Hotel for Your Medical Travelers’ Needs

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It is easy to think of hotels as relatively unimportant players in the context of a patient’s medical trip. Typically the patient (and often a companion) books a night or two in a hotel before treatment and then returns for several days of rest prior to his or her departure home. The “heavy lifting,” after all, is performed by healthcare … Read More

Choose Your Companion Wisely

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Medical travel caregivers-Global Healthcare Accreditation

Patients’ companions represent an important source of potential support for patients undergoing treatment. The physical and emotional support they can provide is especially beneficial during the recovery process when patients are at their most vulnerable. In fact, research consistently shows that companion participation in care is associated with positive patient and physician experiences.[1] [2] [3] The support of a companion … Read More

Patient experience: Where does it actually begin?

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We found this article very interesting. While it is not about medical travel, it supports one of GHA’s core beliefs – that the patient experience extends beyond the clinical setting (both before and after). This is a clear instance of the medical travel industry being ahead of the curve and offering valuable lessons for healthcare providers to follow even if … Read More

GHA Advisory Board Meets in Los Angeles

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Global Healthcare Accreditation advisory board meeting

On Monday, October 2nd, GHA held its inaugural advisory board meeting in Los Angeles. The board meeting provided a platform for GHA leadership and board members to express their unique perspectives on the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the medical travel industry and to discuss GHA strategic initiatives for the coming year. The advisory board members who attended were: … Read More

GHA Makes an Impact at the 10th World Medical Tourism Congress – Los Angeles, California

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Karen Timmons Global Healthcare Accreditation

The Global Healthcare Accreditation® (GHA) program made its presence felt at the 10th World Medical Tourism Congress held in Los Angeles, California between October 2 – 4, 2017. The event is the most prestigious international healthcare conference and tradeshow in the industry bringing attendees from across the world to collaborate and advance the industry. Healthcare providers, insurance companies, governments, employers, … Read More

Four Healthcare Providers on Three Continents Awarded Global Healthcare Accreditation

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GHA Accreditation Medical Travel Services

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Oct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) announces the accreditation of four healthcare providers: Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand (Accreditation with Excellence); Cleveland Clinic Ohio, USA (Accreditation with Excellence); My Spine Center of Clínica Santa Clarita, Mexico; and St. Catherine’s Specialty Hospital, Croatia. All have three-year terms of accreditation from the GHA Program. Representatives of … Read More

The Impact of Language Barriers on Healthcare Delivery

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Medical travel language barriers

Dialing the phone number on her screen, Naomi feels a surge of excitement as her mind races with possibilities. Looks of wonder from her family, compliments from co-workers; actually enjoying the thought of passing in front of a mirror, and best of all, her health would improve and she would finally be able to spend time outdoors with her two … Read More

International Hospitals & Medical Travel Magazine Features Interview with Karen Timmons

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Karen Timmons, Global Healthcare Accreditation

The latest issue of International Hospitals & Medical Travel Magazine features an indepth interview with GHA CEO Karen Timmons. Karen touches on many topics including the evolution of healthcare, challenges in medical travel, the imporatmnce of the patient experience in medical travel and key differentiating factors between GHA and other international accreditation bodies. Click on the link below to read … Read More

Judging a Book by its Cover – The impact of the physical environment on patient perceptions and wellbeing

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Physical environment - medical travel

Patients often judge the quality of a provider’s medical services based on their perceptions of a hospital’s physical environment. Walk into a hospital with stained walls and trash scattered along the floors and you’re likely to do a one eighty and head back out the door. Anecdotal evidence suggests that medical travelers and their companions may be even more sensitive … Read More