The Impact of Language Barriers on Healthcare Delivery

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Medical travel language barriers

Dialing the phone number on her screen, Naomi feels a surge of excitement as her mind races with possibilities. Looks of wonder from her family, compliments from co-workers; actually enjoying the thought of passing in front of a mirror, and best of all, her health would improve and she would finally be able to spend time outdoors with her two … Read More

International Hospitals & Medical Travel Magazine Features Interview with Karen Timmons

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Karen Timmons, Global Healthcare Accreditation

The latest issue of International Hospitals & Medical Travel Magazine features an indepth interview with GHA CEO Karen Timmons. Karen touches on many topics including the evolution of healthcare, challenges in medical travel, the imporatmnce of the patient experience in medical travel and key differentiating factors between GHA and other international accreditation bodies. Click on the link below to read … Read More

Judging a Book by its Cover – The impact of the physical environment on patient perceptions and wellbeing

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Physical environment - medical travel

Patients often judge the quality of a provider’s medical services based on their perceptions of a hospital’s physical environment. Walk into a hospital with stained walls and trash scattered along the floors and you’re likely to do a one eighty and head back out the door. Anecdotal evidence suggests that medical travelers and their companions may be even more sensitive … Read More

Frontline Staff – Critical to the Medical Travel Experience

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Around the world, healthcare consumers are becoming more savvy, payers are demanding high-quality care, and research groups have found more and more convincing evidence as to why the ability to prioritize and manage the patient experience is so important to a positive overall healthcare experience. There is also a growing body of evidence that a great patient experience improves financial … Read More

Mayday, Mayday! What Hospitals Can Learn From Recent Events in the Airline Industry

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Medical Travel-lessons learned

The sight of a 69-year-old physician being physically assaulted and dragged off a United Airlines flight recently took social media by storm, with United’s terse response in the immediate aftermath roundly criticized. Their CEO first defended the airline and described the passenger as “disruptive and belligerent” before publicly apologizing days later and vowing to do better.1 Unfortunately, this was just … Read More

The Challenges of Achieving Ethically Responsible Care in Medical Travel

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Ethics in medical tourism

There is a perception that ethical issues most commonly arise at the limits of medical care. For example, deciding whether or not to take someone off life support or making a decision about continuing treatment for someone with a terminal condition. While this may be true to some extent, the reality is that ethical considerations will come up frequently during … Read More

Managing the Patient Experience Outside the Healthcare Setting

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Managing the patient experience

When reviewing the growing importance of the patient experience over the past 20 years in healthcare, one finds a number of influential factors. Around the world, healthcare consumers are becoming more savvy, payers are demanding high quality care, and research groups have found more and more convincing evidence as to why the ability to prioritize and manage the patient experience … Read More

Global Healthcare Accreditation Announces “Dream Team” of Surveyors

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Global Healthcare Accreditation Surveyors

The Global Health Accreditation® (GHA) Program, the first independent accrediting body focused on medical travel services and the medical travel patient experience, today announces its team of surveyors responsible for the onsite evaluation of healthcare facilities seeking Global Healthcare Accreditation. The GHA program complements existing national and international clinical accreditation programs and offers an Accreditation with Excellence designation to those … Read More

Patient-Centered Care Runs More than Skin Deep

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Patient-centered Care runs more than skin deep medical travel

A flutter of the drapes causes you to stir, bringing into focus a rippling of light and shadow along a mahogany paneled wall.  Your eyes drift across the lavish décor of your suite and slowly come to rest on a crumpled mass of pale green sheets lying on a futon couch nearby. Almost immediately the cheerful hum of Vivaldi’s Four … Read More