Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) standards are the foundation of a systematic and objective evaluation process of an organization’s approach to the management of medical travel or international patient services.  Each standard is part of a comprehensive framework that creates awareness towards meaningful management and quantifiable performance regarding medical travel or international patients services in order for organizations to improve over time.  GHA Standards focus on the entire medical travel care continuum and specifically how all process steps in the  care continuum contribute to an overall safe, high quality medical travel experience.  GHA Standards have been designed in a manner that considers various economics of scale, consumer expectations, cultural differences and stages of development for health systems.

How We Develop Standards?

Global Healthcare Accreditation standards are developed with input from medical travel and international patient services professionals, clinicians, subject matter experts, consumers, educators and legal expertise.

GHA Standards are reviewed and approved when needed by the GHA Standards Development Committee (SDC) while new editions of standards are published every three (3) years.  Should any minor changes be incorporated and/or industry trends demand reasonable additions or retractions, all clients, prospective consumers and surveyors will be informed (and trained) when required.  In general, new standards are incorporated if they relate to the medical travel care continuum and have a new or added positive impact to standards that already exist.

The GHA Standards Development Committee

The GHA Standards Development Committee (SDC) is the group of experts responsible for managing revisions to, or the development of, GHA standards.  Members of this committee are from diverse backgrounds and have valuable experience in the international healthcare industry and medical travel industry.

When it is requested that the SDC is required to work on a specific standard, in particular to provide clarification on a standard, for which expertise may not be present, expertise is specifically recruited for objectiveness and technical insight.

Additionally, SDC members fulfill the following roles:

  • Advise and reach consensus on the topics for inclusion and the content of the standards through a series of meetings annually.
  • Monitor, identify and provide strategic guidance to the Advisory Board and Executive Leadership in standards development.


GHA Standards Brief

Learn about the GHA Standards through our available GHA Standards Brief download here.



The GHA Program welcomes feedback on our standards and regularly provides resources for understanding of GHA standards to its clients and the public.
To contact the GHA Program regarding specific standards, the accreditation process or inquiries about specific GHA facilities , please email the GHA Program at