About GHA

The Global Healthcare Accreditation Program is a premier healthcare quality and business solution for the global medical travel and medical tourism industries.

The GHA program evaluates compliance towards competencies that ensure a healthcare organization is not only monitoring its overall performance in the services provided to medical travel, medical tourism or international patients but that the entire medical travel cycle is streamlined to ensure an overall positive experience for consumers.

GHA provides healthcare organizations a unique opportunity to not only acquire skills & competence but choose from a portfolio of business solutions for any stage of development or objective.

Achieving Global Healthcare Accreditation is not only an accomplishment in operational excellence but a clear indicator an organization is also prioritizing their business strategy.

About Us

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program was established in 2016. The first set of standards published in 2012 were recognized as the International Patient Services standards and offered predominantly by the Medical Tourism Association, a non-profit international professional development and trade association. The standards were transitioned to the Global Healthcare Accreditation program in order to provide greater value for clients and to provide the global industry a solution for provider demands.

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Defining Medical Travel

The GHA Program recognizes that medical travel can be defined in various ways in different regions of the world. Historically, our standards have recognized medical travel as the process of traveling outside one’s local area of residence for the purpose of receiving medical services. Currently, the GHA Program defines medical travel specifically as an elective decision as of the entire medical travel definition spectrum.

Patient & Provider Resources

The GHA Program provides patients and providers ongoing resources to remain abreast of industry resources, tools and stakeholders focused on improving the medical travel industry.

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Accredited Facilities

Organizations around the world understand the importance of adherence to best practices related to international, medical travel or medical tourism services.
Our relationship with these organizations is value-added, we always make certain of this and accredited organizations commit on an annual basis to benchmarking their performance against other GHA accredited facilities.

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